Monday, June 20, 2016

A Day With D and Drake

I would love to say it was a great day of fishing but it definitely wasn't. i mean its always great to get out on the water but as far as the fishing went it was crap, but you take the bad with the good. we fished the same piece that i had last weekend, last weekend was great but this time was no bueno. it didn't help that we were allowed access by one guy who told us if anyone gives you issues, give them my name, but when we ran into another land owner, he didn't care that we were given access by someone else and kicked us out. when we got back to my jeep we drove lower in the river to fish.we had worked up a little bit and were in some deeper, faster and bouldery waters when my foot slipped and down i went, unfortunately with $1500 of camera equipment around my neck. once i got back on my feet and looked at my camera dripping with water, i realized i no longer had my rod in my hand. when i looked down river i saw it tumbling down the current, i tried to make my way to it as fast as i could but then i disappeared. dbone and drake had gotten out of the river and ran down to try and cut it off but as i was standing on a big rock surveying the water, the rod tip all of a sudden rose to the top right out in front of my. that was lucky. i too

k my camera apart and left it in the jeep to dry and we pressed on with the day, with the fishing continuing to be unproductive. dont get me wrong, we didnt get skunked but it just didnt come close to living up to its reputation. we had to work extra hard for what we caught.

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