Saturday, February 27, 2016

Greed Will Get You Know Were

myself and jake took a short drive over to some water. there wasnt a cloud in the sky and other then first thing in the morning, it was a pretty warm day. early in the morning there was a bit of shelf ice, some anchor ice and a lot of chunks of ice floating down the river. after about an hour, it really started to warm up and roughly at that time the chunks stopped coming down. we fished two different sections and surprisingly the fishing sucked. jake caught one rainbow and i landed one brown. the brown was a trip because, when i landed it, it not only had my articulated streamer in it's mouth but it also had 2 chubs and 4 inches each and a baby brown, also about 4 inches. it was a greedy little fucker and paid for it. actually, it did swim away so at least it didn'

t pay with it's life.

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