Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Keep Plugging Away

I still havent started my new job yet so im trying to get in as much fishing as i can before i start. went out today for most of it. fishing was a little better this time.with each week passing by the streamer fishing is getting closer to off the chain. the temps have been hovering around freezing for the past couple of weeks but today the sun was out which helps keep me a little warm. i came a crossed the same juvenile raccoon that has been in the same spot for the past couple of weeks. i shouldve brought some jerkey with me to give him but all i had was a butterfinger, so i gave him a chunk of that, which he seemed to enjoy. on my way back to the jeep i saw a small dead trout on the river bottom so i brought that over to his hang out spot but he mustve wondered off cause he wasnt home so i left it at his doorstep.

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