Monday, January 11, 2016

Brutally Cold

It was probably the coldest day of fishing that i have had since i was stationed in New Mexico and fishing the San Juan river. when we pulled  into the nearest town it was a balmy -14 degrees and it hovered around zero all day. to make matters worse, i forgot my gloves, thermal socks, hoodie and something to cover my face, like my buff or one of my fleece face covers. luckily scott had an extra pair of gloves that he had and let me use, they were life savers. the skies were clear and as luck would have it, there was no wind, which was a true blessing. it was quite a large group that we had but it wasnt as bad as i thought fishing with a large group would be. i mean its not like we were on a small stream or anything, it was quite the opposite. we were able to spread out with ease in groups of 3 or 4 for the most part. as far as the fishing went, there were quite a few fish to be had but mostly smaller fish, 13-17" with a few in the 20" range, but none of the big boys that lurk in these waters. as numbingly cold as it was it was actually a pretty enjoyable day. more then the fishing itself i more so enjoyed bouncing around from group to group and just getting some photos.

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