Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Cove: Part 2

It stormed and rained all week here at khamis (6 thousand + feet), but i didn't figure it would alter the fishing down at the sea. maybe it didn't but they had some storms down there as well, with rain. when we arrived we found that we couldn't get into the same spot we had last weekend due to that are having a lot of standing water and muddy as hell, but we found a spot just down the beach. the water was up a couple of feet and it wasn't a tide thing cause the water level never down while we were there. the bitch of it was is that i carry my camera with the strap around my body with my camera hanging on my hip. that weekend i could walk out to the edge of the reef and only be knee to mid-thigh deep and my camera was just fine. this time i had to hold me camera up while wading out to the reef and when i got there i had to pick and choose my spots to stand while casting cause now the edge of the reef was navel deep and my camera was in danger of going for a swim if i wasn't careful. fishing was shitty, i lost 4 fish and landed 1. it could've been a result of the storms, the water level being up or just cause it was a different day. that's the way it goes sometimes. one of the guys brought back to camp this turtle for some quick pics. then it was gone back from where it came.

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