Thursday, May 30, 2013

One Last Hoo raw!

well it was a quick hoo raw. 5 of us to a day trip down to Al-Birq for some snorkeling and me some fly fishing. we only planned on staying maybe 3-4 hours so i foolishly only brought 4 flies with me which ended up going pretty damn quick. i lost 3 of them pretty quickly due to barracuda teeth shredding my 30lb test leader. i caught 2 cudas' then lost my fly to a 3rd. tied on a new olive/white clouser, first fish i hooked with it shredded my leader and swam off with my fly. tied on another clouse and first fish with it swam off with my fly due to the same reason as the previous. last time i was catching cudas' i could get 4-5 of them before i lost a fly, not this time. obviously i did not come prepared. oh well shit happens. i was hoping to get into a few fish before i left this country and i did so mission accomplished. this time out i saw a couple of large stingrays, in the 3-4 ft wide range. way different then the blue spotted stingrays that are only about a foot wide. scared the shit out of my to since they waited till i was right up on them then they would bolt out.

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