Monday, June 19, 2017

Some recon into the Uintas

me and Scott met up at  hoping to get up to the mountains early enough for some sunrise photos but we failed. a lot of lakes are starting to thaw out so we were hoping our target lake would be thawed or at least fishable. on the hike up the snow got less and less but when we crested the hill to the lake, the lake was still iced over except for a small bit of shoreline that was thawed. we fished our way around as best we could with only scott hitting one fish but did not hook up. we had originally contemplated hiking up to the upper lake but we figured it would be froze as well so we skipped that hike. as luck would have it, scott decided to hike up quite a ways up one of the large remaining snow banks coming off the side of the rocky mountain to get some photos with a different perspective. i soon followed suit and soon we were hauling ass down the snow bank on our asses. that was the most fun ive had in the snow since i was a little kid. me and scott were giggling and laughing like little school girls and ended up climbing to the top (estimated about 150 yards or so) and making 5 runs down this large snow bank. i kind of wanted to do another run, although i didnt want to climb back up, but we decided to hike out of there and hit one of the lower lakes that we knew was thawed out so that we could maybe land a few fish before heading home. the lower lake defiantly produced but they were all skinny 12 inch type of tigers and rainbows. that lower lake was packed with people and was an absolute shit show

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