Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A sunday with Scott

Me and scott met at 0600 at our usual rendezvous spot and after a top off of the jeep we were on our way. we got to the river, my all time utah favorite, and it looked dynomite and right away we had high expectations. i hadnt fished it in about 3 years, mainly cause i had been out of the country for 2 of them. the road was cleared up to a certain point and then it was just way to deep in snow and we would have surely gotten stuck. we didnt get to fish either section that we wanted to but have had good days lower on the river. well it wasnt one of those days cause we didnt hardly see a fish. i moved 2 small fish and that was it for us. it was only 10:30 so instead of continuing the no fish theme, we walked back to the jeep and took a drive elsewhere. we drove to a much bigger river and the fishing wasnt a whole lot better but we did at least land a few.

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