Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Korkers K5 Bombers (early review)

So i blew out another pair of korkers a few week ago, the KGB's, it was the heel that came apart. ive had them for about 3 years and they were still in real good shape, only because when i got these boots i also got 2 other pair of boots so i wouldnt run thru 1 pair so quickly. also, i was out of country for a year so thats a year with no wear and tear on the boots. anyway i talked to one of the korkers rep's and i was informed that the warranty had expired on these boots but they offered me 50% off of any boot they have so i took the K5's. ive never really been stoked on the quality of korkers boots but i have noticed that with each new pair they come out with, the quality gets a little better. my first impression of these K5 was a more durable look and feel. like the KGB's the K5 boot has a taller profile which really gives it a lot more ankle support. i have only fished with them 2x now so the durability has not been tested yet but i can say that these are probably the most comfortable boot i have ever worn of any sort, combat, work, wading, hunting, etc. i'm diggin them so far.

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