Saturday, September 13, 2014

Uintas....Changing of the Seasons

Took a solo trip in the uintas today. i was disappointed to see that the lake was still full. this is to fall seasons in a row that the lake has remained full. prior to last year, at this time the lake was always down considerably, with about 20-30 feet of shoreline all the way around. it has always fished much better for me when the water is lower. today, as i feared was a slow day but on the bright side my first fish was an absolute football. me and the wife have pulled a couple of bigger fish out of here but this was the thickest one i've seen. 15-16 inches and girthy as all get out. the pics don't do it justice cause trying to take solo pics i have to hold it with one hand which requires some belly squeazing and these brookies have soft bellies. trust me when i say it looked just like a football. of course starting off with the hog of the day leaves everything less then stellar. the other fish were all pretty typical for that body of water which is just fine with me.

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