Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Ranch

I took dbone over to some private ranch access that i have for a little fishing. july is the earliest time of the year that ive fished it. the water was twice as high as i am used to up there and had a slight tint. i don't if that affected the fishing at all but it was pretty slow. i usually fish up there in august, the water is half the size and the hopper fishing is off the hook. right away the squeeters were wrecking havoc on me. but me and dbone forgot our bug spray but at least he had pants on and not shorts. we walked quite a ways down stream, getting eaten alive. when we started fishing up dbone makes a comment suggesting we just walk back up to the jeep and got to town for bug spray. shortly after that the bug feeding frenzy throttled way back so we toughed it out and kept fishing. that was the most mosquitoes, stateside, as i had ever seen. the fishing was pretty slow going up, picking up only a small few fish. the decision at that point was to head to town and get some bug spray. also at this point my allergies were puttin a hurtin on me. of course it figures that the flying j was out of spray and that was the only store in town. i did manage to get some claritin and at least take care of one problem. we drove down lower to a section i had yet to see. looked exactly like the rest of the river, a lot of big holes, sweet runs and s curves. seemed like about this time that a few more fish were looking up. still small numbers but  some healthy fish. my body is itching today!

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