Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fishin With the Double D's

Met up with dbone and drake with the uncertainty of where we were going. i put in my .02 but was open to about anything. once it was decided and we filled our bellies we were off. the morning was crisp but fairly warm, the water was low and clear and the fish quickly made their presence felt. my 3rd cast gave me my first fish of the day. we ended up throwing streamers all day and although it was slow, it was enjoyable. we each got into a few fish with dbone pulling a beauty that was laying right underneath a big branch in the water. dbone spotted it then crossed the river to get to a better throwing angle. with each good swing the fish would move up towards the streamer then tuck back in. at about the 8th cast it finally got steel.


  1. Really sweet blog man and some killer pics. Enjoyed looking around.