Monday, September 30, 2013

Quality Day

Myself and jake were all rigged up by the time the sun came up. we had no idea of the water conditions since we had crossed the river in darkness, but i was optimistic for some good water. as it turned out the water was very low and a bit off color. we had fished thru a few good holes and runs with not so much as a moving fish. i told jake that we should fish the up coming bend and if nothing by then then maybe we should relocate to some different water. as luck would have it i caught 2 on that bend and missed several others so staying on that water is what we did and it paid off. with the sun out and the temp's. warming up a bit it turned out to be a killer day. i figure we landed about 15 fish each, none of them topped the 20" mark but several pushed it. the fish were all thick, healthy and acrobatic as all get out. between the weather and the fishing it was a perfect day.

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