Tuesday, December 4, 2012

8th Inning Stretch

Met up with jake and chris for hopefully some streamer chucking. we made the long drive only to find the river as low as i've ever seen it and as it turned out there were still a bunch of fish on redds, which made for some shitty fishing. were we able to find a bunch of fish also stacked up in holes but they weren't overly receptive. mananged a few nymphing but we all got bored with the un-sporty fishing and chose to go elsewhere. were we ended up is were we should've been all day. in the last 3 hours of the day or so we chucked meat at some big and willing fish. chris lost a couple of brutes jake got a smaller fish and i ended up with a beautiful cutt. the highlight of the day though was watching chris school those big fish and then get schooled in return. basically we screwed up by fishing the first 7 innings on some crap water and only the last couple of innings on the quality stuff.

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