Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Went out for a couple hours in the morning to some local stuff. was a slow day with only 2 eats but luckily landed both of them. weather was hot as usual

Thursday, July 28, 2022

A nice drive

Thats about all it was. i drove over to a lake id never fished before, in fact only seen once. chucked a mouse for about 30 minutes before deciding to head back to the jeep for a different set up. while i was rerigging, a car pulled up right next to me and 6 people popped out. didnt take long before they were walking up to the res. everyone i noticed carrying rods was carrying at least 2. the last guy walked away with 7 rods in his hands. at that point i got unmotivated to walk back up and possibly battle all that B.S. i drove over to the river instead. fished a section that has always been a good producer. it was slow, i caught a couple browns but then got cut short due to some property owners fishing the river from the bank so i chose not to try and walk through where they were fishing. a piss poor day but always good to get out

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Solo recon trip

drove over the mountain to get a look at some water that i havent seen since last year. it was lower then i like but it was fishable. as soon as i started going over the mountain it started to rain and it continued to rain, lightly for about my 1st hour on the water. it was chilly as shit to and i wish i had worn my hoodie. anyway i was still rigged up from a previous outing with a cicada and green drake dry as a trailer so thats what i started with. quickly got 3 boils on the cicada so i got rid of the drake. that section of river has changed quite a bit since i last saw it with a lot of previous good runs not producing and one of my favorite old runs now being about 100ft from the current river bed. i still managed a good amount of fish with a few solid fish but mostly little dudes 10-12 inch range. long gone are the days out there when we caught mostly cutts and the average fish we'd catch was 16-17 inches. i used to fish it 3-4 times a year but after it started getting over run with fuckers, i didnt fish it for 5-6 years and have only in the last 2 years started to fish it once/twice a year. we need another good snow year again. its been to long

Tuesday, July 12, 2022


Hit the road at 5am and got on the water at about 0830. the morning felt real nice in the mountains compared to in town where the temps have been reaching 100 degrees. we started with streamers since it was early in the morning. streamer fishing was awefully slow and eventually we switched to dries. i got a few on a pink hopper and matter got some on a stone dry. overall it was a disappointing day of fishing but the area is always nice to see

Monday, July 4, 2022

Flows on the mend

The flows have finally been dropping and reached a fishable level. i kind of wanted to throw streamers so i picked a section of water that is still up but on its way down. in person the water looked better then i expected for what the gauge was showing in CFS. the weather was nice except for the wind that really picked up during my last hour or so on the water. i got into a decent amount of fish and landed a couple solid ones. there were a lot of bugs coming off, caddis, little stones, drakes, midges and the cicadas were singing as well, but i didnt see a single rise.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022


Got up early so that i could start at the res tossing some big stuff. really wasnt sure how my casting shoulder would hold up throwing an 8 weight around since i hadnt since my shoulder surgery. it held up fine. cruised the shoreline for only about an hour and a half. got kind of bored with it so headed to the river ealier then i had planned. fished thru a section and had a lot of risers when me and matt fished thru a couple days earlier. didnt see a single riser on the naturals but did get a single cuttie to come up and eat my dry. it was a shitty day of catching

Monday, June 27, 2022

Back to the small stuff

Matt invited me to take the rest of my friday off so i did. he fished a smaller stream with smaller gear and although it was inconsistent. we hit a few runs just right and got into quite a few fish. nothing exceptional on the catching side but very entertaining none the less. weather was hot and sunny